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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 9, Number 2, June 2020 , pages 155-170

On increasing the homogeneity of the properties of epitaxial layers grown from the gas phase, taking into account natural convection and changes in the rate of chemical interaction between materials
E.L. Pankratov

    In this paper, using the recently introduced analytical approach for the analysis of mass and heat transfer during film growth in reactors for epitaxy from the gas phase, these processes are analyzed taking into account natural convection and the possibility of changing the rate of chemical interaction between reagents. As a result of the analysis, the conditions under which the homogeneity of the grown epitaxial layers increases with a change in the values of the parameters of the growth process are formulated.
Key Words
    growth; heat transfer; material fabrication; mathematical modelling
(1) E.L. Pankratov:
Mathematical and Natural Science Department, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia;
(2) E.L. Pankratov:
Higher Mathematics Department, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Russia.

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