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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 9, Number 2, June 2020 , pages 133-153

Improved analytical solution for slip and interfacial stress in composite steel-concrete beam bonded with an adhesive
Bensatallah Tayeb and Tahar Hassaine Daouadji

    In this paper, an improved theoretical interfacial stress and slip analysis is presented for simply supported composite steel-concrete beam bonded with an adhesive. The adherend shear deformations have been included in the present theoretical analyses by assuming a linear shear stress through the thickness of the adherends, while all existing solutions neglect this effect. Remarkable effect of shear deformations of elements has been noted in the results. It is observed that large shear is concentrated and slip at the edges of the composite steel-concrete. Comparing with some experimental results from references, analytical advantage of this improvement is possible to determine the normal and shear stress to estimate exact prediction of normal and shear stress interfacial along span between concrete and steel beam. The exact prediction of these stresses will be very important to make an accurate analysis of the mode of fracture. It is shown that both the normal and shear stresses at the interface are influenced by the material and geometry parameters of the composite steel-concrete beam. This research is helpful for the understanding on mechanical behavior of the connection and design of such structures.
Key Words
    analytical solution; adhesive; shear deformations; slip; composite beam; interfacial stress
Laboratory of Geomatics and Sustainable Development, University of Tiaret, Algeria.

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