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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 9, Number 1, March 2020 , pages 33-48

A review of effects of partial dynamic loading on dynamic response of nonlocal functionally graded material beams
Ridha A. Ahmed, Raad M. Fenjan, Luay Badr Hamad and Nadhim M. Faleh

    With the use of differential quadrature method (DQM), forced vibrations and resonance frequency analysis of functionally graded (FG) nano-size beams rested on elastic substrate have been studied utilizing a shear deformation refined beam theory which contains shear deformations influence needless of any correction coefficient. The nano-size beam is exposed to uniformly-type dynamical loads having partial length. The two parameters elastic substrate is consist of linear springs as well as shear coefficient. Gradation of each material property for nano-size beamhas been defined in the context of Mori-Tanaka scheme. Governing equations for embedded refined FG nanosize beams exposed to dynamical load have been achieved by utilizing Eringen's nonlocal differential law and Hamilton's rule. Derived equations have solved via DQM based on simply supported-simply supported edge condition. It will be shown that forced vibrations properties and resonance frequency of embedded FG nano-size beam are prominently affected by material gradation, nonlocal field, substrate coefficients and load factors.
Key Words
    forced vibrations; DQM; FG nanobeam; dynamic load; elastic substrate; nonlocal elasticity theory
Al-Mustansiriah University, Engineering Collage P.O. Box 46049, Bab-Muadum, Baghdad 10001, Iraq.

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