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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 6, Number 3, September 2017, pages 257-278

Elastic analysis of interfacial stress concentrations in CFRP-RC hybrid beams: Effect of creep and shrinkage
Rabahi Abderezak, Tahar Hassaine Daouadji, Boussad Abbes, Benferhat Rabia, Adim Belkacem and Fazilay Abbes

Abstract     [Full Text]
    A simple closed-form solution to calculate the interfacial shear and normal stresses of retrofitted concrete beam strengthened with thin composite plate under mechanical loads including the creep and shrinkage effect has been presented in this paper. In such plated beams, tensile forces develop in the bonded plate, and these have to be transferred to the original beam via interfacial shear and normal stresses. Consequently, debonding failure may occur at the plate ends due to a combination of high shear and normal interfacial stresses. These stresses between a beam and a soffit plate, within the linear elastic range, have been addressed by numerous analytical investigations. Surprisingly, none of these investigations has examined interfacial stresses while taking the creep and shrinkage effect into account. In the present theoretical analysis for the interfacial stresses between reinforced concrete beam and a thin composite plate bonded to its soffit, the influence of creep and shrinkage effect relative to the time of the casting, and the time of the loading of the beams is taken into account. Numerical results from the present analysis are presented both to demonstrate the advantages of the present solution over existing ones and to illustrate the main characteristics of interfacial stress distributions.
Key Words
    interfacial stresses; strengthening; creep; shrinkage; concrete beam; FRP composite
(1) Rabahi Abderezak, Tahar Hassaine Daouadji, Benferhat Rabia:
Département de génie civil , Université Ibn Khaldoun Tiaret; BP 78 Zaaroura, Tiaret, Algérie;
(2) Rabahi Abderezak, Tahar Hassaine Daouadji, Benferhat Rabia, Adim Belkacem:
Laboratoire de Géomatique et Développement Durable, Université de Tiaret, Algérie;
(3) Boussad Abbes, Fazilay Abbes:
Laboratoire GRESPI—Campus du Moulin de la Housse, Reims Cedex 2, France;
(4) Adim Belkacem:
Département des sciences et technologies, Centre Universitaire Tissemsilt, Algérie.

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