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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 6, Number 1, March 2017 , pages 013-26

Static deflection and dynamic behavior of higher-order hyperbolic shear deformable compositionally graded beams
Ismail Bensaid, Abdelmadjid Cheikh, Ahmed Mangouchi and Bachir Kerboua

    In this work we introduce a higher-order hyperbolic shear deformation model for bending and frees vibration analysis of functionally graded beams. In this theory and by making a further supposition, the axial displacement accounts for a refined hyperbolic distribution, and the transverse shear stress satisfies the traction-free boundary conditions on the beam boundary surfaces, so no need of any shear correction factors (SCFs). The material properties are continuously varied through the beam thickness by the power-law distribution of the volume fraction of the constituents. Based on the present refined hyperbolic shear deformation beam model, the governing equations of motion are obtained from the Hamilton\'s principle. Analytical solutions for simply-supported beams are developed to solve the problem. To verify the precision and validity of the present theory some numerical results are compared with the existing ones in the literature and a good agreement is showed.
Key Words
    deflection; dynamic analysis; functionally graded material; hyperbolic shear deformation theory; refined theory
Ismail Bensaid, Abdelmadjid Cheikh and Ahmed Mangouchi: Department of Mechanical Engineering, IS2M Laboratory, Faculty of Technology, University of Tlemcen, Tlemcen, Algeria
Bachir Kerboua: EOLE Laboratory, Faculty of Technology, University of Tlemcen, Tlemcen, Algeria

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