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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 11, Number 3, September 2022 , pages 211-224

Evaluating shrinkage and mechanical performances of polypropylene hybrid fibers reinforced mortar
Khadra Bendjillali, Fatiha Bendjilali and Benharzallah Krobba

    The shrinkage and the mechanical properties of polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced mortar PHFRM were investigated in this study. Mortars were prepared with limestone crushing sand, Portland cement and polypropylene hybrid fibers PHF. Two types of virgin fibers, having the same length (30 mm) were used for reinforcing test mortars, fibers in diameter of 0.45 mm, used by PLAST BROS factory of Bordj Bou Arreridj (Algeria) for the fabrication of brooms (for household cleaning) and fibers in diameter of 0.25 mm, available on the market, having multiple applications. In this investigation, it was aimed to study the total and autogenous shrinkage, the flexural and compressive strength of mortars based on hybrid fibers. As a result, PHF have negatively affected the mortar workability. However, shrinkage risk was reduced and coarser fibers (PF45) were most effective for reducing shrinkage risk. The mechanical performances and the ductility of PHFRM were also enhanced.
Key Words
    autogenous shrinkage; hybrid fibers; mechanical strength; mortar; polypropylene fibers; total shrinkage
(1) Khadra Bendjillali, Benharzallah Krobba:
Laboratory of Structures Rehabilitation and Materials, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University Amar Telidji, Laghouat, Algeria;
(2) Fatiha Bendjilali:
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Hassiba Benbouali University, Chlef, Algeria.

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