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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 11, Number 1, March 2022 , pages 41-57

Analysis of the strain energy release rate for time-dependent delamination in multilayered beams with creep
Victor I. Rizov

    This paper is focused on delamination analysis of a multilayered inhomogeneous viscoelastic beam subjected to linear creep under constant applied stress. The viscoelastic model that is used to treat the creep consists of consecutively connected units. Each unit consists of one spring and two dashpots. The number of units in the model is arbitrary. The modulus of elasticity of the spring in each unit changes with time. Besides, the modulii of elasticity and the coefficients of viscosity change continuously along the thickness, width and length in each layer since the material is continuously inhomogeneous in each layer of the beam. A time-dependent solution to the strain energy release rate for the delamination is derived. A time-dependent solution to the J-integral is derived too. A parametric analysis of the strain energy release rate is carried-out by applying the solution derived. The influence of various factors such as creep, material inhomogeneity, the change of the modulii of elasticity with time and the number of units in the viscoelastic model on the strain energy release rate are clarified.
Key Words
    analytical study; creep; delamination; inhomogeneous material; multilayered beam
Department of Technical Mechanics, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, 1 Chr. Smirnensky blvd., 1046 - Sofia, Bulgaria.

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