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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 10, Number 2, June 2021 , pages 099-114

Numerical study of reinforced natural slope by retaining wall with prestressed anchor
Nouri Said and Nechnech Amar

    The slope design under geological and hydraulic conditions has always been a different geotechnics problem. There have been potential main landslide and an undisturbed thin layer of saturated clays soil under the slopes in urban construction development area of Miliana city province of Algeria; its terrain is mountains. The landslide was framed by gravity creeping of thin layer of alluvium and mares cracks along steep clays. The favorable sliding surface larger than 2500 m2 had destroyed the foundation of the building. In order to learn from the comparison between stabilized and non-stabilized slopes with different improvement, the authors also investigated the slopes reinforced by retaining wall with prestressed anchor and discussed their behavior parameters. Based on finite element method, the analysis of slope stability under natural conditions is discussed first, then the support structure of retaining wall and anchor reinforced and their effect of slope stability are analyzed, and also the slope stability of each case is able to be compared. The results show that the stability of slope was significantly improved after reinforcement, and anchor reinforced with retaining wall has obvious reverse anchoring effect on soil. By comparing the factor of safety, stress level and displacement field before and after slope reinforcement, it is found that better reinforcement results can be achieved if strong reinforcement is applied upon the regions with high sliding surface. Furthermore, the increase in stress level at the zone dangerous is more favorable of improving the safety of the critical region.
Key Words
    slopes; prestressed anchor; retaining wall; factor of safety; Plaxis
(1) Nouri Said:
Laboratory of Structures, Geotechnical and Risks (LSGR), University of Hassiba Benbouali, BP 78 C, Ouled Fares Chlef, 02180, Algeria;
(2) Nechnech Amar:
Laboratory of Environment, Water Geomechanics and works (LEWGW), University for Science and Technology, BP 32 El Alia16111 Bab Ezzouar Algiers, Algeria.

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