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Advances in Materials Research
  Volume 1, Number 4, December 2012, pages 299-310

Synthesis, chemically and electrochemically polymerization of N-substituted pyrrole containing azo chromophore and its copolymerization with pyrrole
Seyed Hossein Hosseini

    This article describes the synthesis of a novel N-substituted pyrrole monomer containing an azobenzene group. The 2-[N-ethyl-N-[4-[(4-nitrophenyl) azo]-phenyl] amino] ethyl-3-chloropropionate (RedII) compound was synthesized via reaction of 4-nitro-4\'-[N-ethyl-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-amino] azobenzene (RedI) and 3-chloropropionic acid. RedII was reacted with the potassium salt of pyrrole then 2-[N-ethyl-N-[4-[(nitro phenyl) azo] phenyl] amino] ethyl-N-pyrrolyl propionate (Py-RedII) was prepared. Chemical polymerization of Py-RedII and copolymerization of Py-RedII with pyrrole carried out using FeCl3. Poly (2-[N-ethyl-N-[4-[(nitro phenyl) azo] phenyl] amino] ethyl-N-pyrrolyl propionate) (PPy-RedII) was characterized by UV, IR, 1HNMR, 13CNMR spectroscopies. Electropolymerization of Py-RedII and electroco-polymerization of Py-RedII and pyrrole were studied using conventional three electrodes system, Ag/AgCl reference electrode, platinum counter electrode and GC disk working electrode. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), thermogravimetry analysis (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) were used for thermal and rheological studies. The TGA curve of PPy-RedII demonstrated a high thermal stability up to 200
Key Words
    azo polymers; conductivity; liquid crystals polymers; polypyrroles
Seyed Hossein Hosseini: Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr branch, Tehran-Iran

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