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Advances in Environmental Research   Volume 7, Number 1, March 2018, pages 29-37
A simple and rapid approach to modeling chromium breakthrough in fixed bed adsorber
Khim Hoong Chu

Abstract     [Full Text]
    A simple mathematical model for predicting fixed bed adsorption dynamics is described. The model is characterized by a linear adsorption isotherm and a linear driving force expression for mass transfer. Its analytic solution can be approximated with an algebraic equation in closed form which is easily evaluated by spreadsheet computation. To demonstrate one application of the fixed bed model, a previously published adsorption system is used as a case study in this work. The adsorption system examined here describes chromium breakthrough in a fixed bed adsorber packed with imidazole functionalized adsorbent particles and is characterized by a nonlinear adsorption isotherm. However, the equilibrium behavior of the fixed bed adsorber is in essence governed by a linear adsorption isotherm due to the use of a low influent chromium concentration. It is shown that chromium breakthrough is predicted reasonably well by the fixed bed model. The model\'s parameters can be easily extracted from independent batch experiments. The proposed modeling approach is very simple and rapid, and only Excel is used for computation.
Key Words
    fixed bed; breakthrough curve; modeling; linear isotherm; linear driving force
Khim Hoong Chu: Honeychem, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, Nanjing 210047, China

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