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Advances in Environmental Research
  Volume 5, Number 4, December 2016 , pages 237-249

The review of municipal solid waste management in Nigeria: the current trends
Oliver T. Iorhemen, Meshach I. Alfa and Sam B. Onoja

    The management of municipal solid waste (MSW) is essential for every community; and, it is currently a major challenge in Nigeria. This paper provides an overview of the current MSW management trends in Nigeria and proposes new sustainable MSW management systems. Across Nigerian cities, MSW management is characterized by inefficient collection and transportation to disposal sites. Collection services do not reach some unplanned areas and slums due to poor street network. Even some planned areas are not reached by collection services. The informal sector contributes to waste collection, resource recovery and recycling; however, their activities are not recognized by the governments. Markets exist for recovered materials but more efforts need to be geared towards intensive recovery of materials and expansion of these markets. Despite the high proportion of putrescible matter in MSW, the only form of treatment commonly used currently is open burning for volume reduction. The high organic fraction presents a great opportunity for composting and anaerobic digestion. Ultimate disposal is currently done in open dumpsites. This needs to be upgraded to engineered landfills that are properly sited and adequately operated by well trained personnel. There is an emerging waste stream of concern, electronic-waste (e-waste), that requires urgent sustainable management as e-waste are currently co-disposed with other waste streams or burnt in the open posing detrimental health impacts.
Key Words
    e-waste; integrated waste management; municipal solid waste (MSW); Nigeria; resource recovery and recycling; scavengers
Oliver T. Iorhemen, Sam B. Onoja: Department of Agric. & Environmental Engineering, University of Agriculture, P.M.B. 2373, Makurdi, Nigeria

Meshach I. Alfa: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Jos, P.M.B. 2084, Jos, Nigeria

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