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Advances in Environmental Research
  Volume 5, Number 3, September 2016 , pages 189-200

Degradation of toxic azo dye (AO7) using Fenton´s process
Ashish Sharma, Manisha Verma and A. K. Haritash

    This study aimed at advanced oxidation of hetero tri-functional reactive dye Acid orange 7 using photo-Fenton conditions in a lab-scale experiment. Decolourisation of Acid Orange 7 dye by Fenton´s process was dependent on concentration of Hydrogen peroxide, Ferrous sulphate, pH, and contact time. A 23 factorial design was used to evaluate the effects of these key factors: pH, Fe(II), and H2O2 concentration, for a dye concentration of 50 mg/L with COD of 340 mg/L at pH 3.0. The response function was removal of colour under optimised conditions; pH 3.0, [Fe(II)] 40.83 mg/L, [H2O2] 4.97 mmol/L; 13.6 min. of treatment resulting in 100% colour removal. The final COD of treated wastewater was nil suggesting that AOP is a potentially useful process of color removal and dye degradation/mineralisation of effluent having AO7. Minimum contact time for complete decolourisation was at 5 mmol/l H2O2 concentration. Increase in FeSO4 (mg/l) concentration resulted in decrease of time for complete decolourisation. Box-Behnken Design was used to optimize the process variables. Maximum and minimum levels of pH (3-5), H2O2 (4-6 mmol/l), FeSO4 (30-46 mg/l) and contact time (5-15 minutes) were used. The statistical analysis revealed a value of 0.88 for coefficient of regression (R2) indicating a good fit of model. Calculated F-value was found higher than the tabulated value confirming to significance of the model. Based on student´s t-test, Ferrous sulphate, pH, and contact time have a positive effect on the percent decolourisation of Acid Orange 7.
Key Words
    Acid Orange 7; Fenton´s process; decolourisation; Box-Behnken design; textile dye
Department of Environmental Engineering Delhi Technological University, Shahbad Daulatpur, Delhi -110042, India

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