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Advances in Environmental Research
  Volume 2, Number 3, September 2013, pages 245-260
open access

Biosorption of uranium by Bacillus sp.FB12 isolated from the vicinity of a power plant
Xiaoping Xu, Shengbin He, Zhenshou Wang, Yang Zhou and Jing Lan

    Biosorption represents a technological innovation as well as a cost effective excellent remediation technology for cleaning up radionuclides from aqueous environment. In the present study, abacteria strain FB12 with high adsorption rate of uranium ion was isolated from the vicinity of the nuclear power plant. It was tentatively identified as Bacillus sp.FB12 according to the 16S rDNA sequencing. Efforts were made to further improve the adsorption rate and genetic stability by UV irradiation and UV-LiCl cooperative mutagenesis. The improved strain named Bacillus sp.UV32 obtains excellent genetic stability and a high adsorption rate of 95.9%. The adsorption of uranium U (VI) by Bacillus sp.UV32 from aqueous solution was examined as a function of metal ion concentration, cell concentration, adsorption time, pH, temperature, and the presence of some foreign ions. The adsorption process of U (VI) was found to follow the pseudo-second-order kinetic equation. The adsorption isotherm study indicated that it preferably followed the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The thermodynamic parameters values calculated clearly indicated that the adsorption process was feasible, spontaneous and endothermic in nature. These properties show that Bacillus sp.UV32 has potential application in the removal of uranium (VI) from the radioactive wastewater.
Key Words
    uranium contamination; Bacillus sp.; mutagenesis; Biosorption; kinetic
Xiaoping Xu, Shengbin He, Zhenshou Wang, Yang Zhou and Jing Lan: College of
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou 350108, China.

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