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Advances in Environmental Research
  Volume 12, Number 1, March 2023 , pages 65-75

Homobrassinolide and chemical composition of curcuma longa L. (turmeric) rhizome
G, Rajesh and B.V. Vardhini

    The effect of homobrassinolide (HBL) on the nutrient value of Curcuma longa L. (turmeric) rhizome grown in Nizamabad, Telangana State, India was studied. Application of homobrassinolide (HBL) as foliar spray to turmeric plants on the 20th, 40th and 60th day from sowing resulted in enhanced chemical composition of turmeric rhizome. Application of homobrassinolide (HBL) resulted in enhanced total sugars, principal ingredient curcumin, total poly phenol content, total flavonoid content, total tannin content, crude fat, crude fibre and essential oils (turmerone, zingiberene, cineole and p-cymene) present in the turmeric rhizome indicating the ability of homobrassinolide (HBL) as a potential plant growth regulator (PGR).
Key Words
    cineole; crude fat; crude fiber; curcumin; P-cymene; total flavonoids; total poly phenols; total sugars; total tannins; turmerone; zingiberene
G, Rajesh and B.V. Vardhini: Department of Botany, Telangana University, Dichpally, Nizamabad -503322, India

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