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Advances in Environmental Research
  Volume 1, Number 3, September 2012, pages 201-210
open access

Bioavailability of slow-desorbable naphthalene in a biological air sparging system
Guang-Chun Li, Seon-Yong Chung and Jeong-Hun Park

    The bioavailability of sorbed organic contaminants is one of the most important factors used to determine their fate in the environment. This study was conducted to evaluate the bioavailability of slow-desorbable naphthalene in soils. An air sparging system was utilized to remove dissolved (or desorbed) naphthalene continuously and to limit the bacterial utilization of dissolved naphthalene. A biological air sparging system (air sparging system with bacteria) was developed to evaluate the bioavailability of the slow-desorption fraction in soils. Three different strains (Pseudomonas putida G7, Pseudomonas sp. CZ6 and Burkholderia sp. KM1) and two soils were used. Slow-desorbable naphthalene continuously decreased under air sparging; however, a greater decrease was observed in response to the biological air sparging system. Enhanced bioavailability was not observed in the Jangseong soil. Overall, the results of this study suggests that the removal rate of slow-desorbable contaminants may be enhanced by inoculation of degrading bacteria into an air sparging system during the remediation of contaminated soils. However, the enhanced bioavailability was found to depend more on the soil properties than the bacterial characteristics.
Key Words
    bioavailability; slow-desorbable; biodegradation; soil slurry; aromatic contaminants
Guang-Chun Li: Department of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Agricultural College of Yanbian University, Yanji Jilin 133000, P.R. China; Seon-Yong Chung and Jeong-Hun Park: Department of Environmental Engineering, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, South Korea

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