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  Volume 8, Number 2, April 2023 , pages 133-145

Simulating large scale structural members by using Buckingham theorem: Case study
Muaid A. Shhatha

    Scaling and similitude large scale structural member to small scale model is considered the most important matter for the experimental tests because of the difficulty in controlling, lack of capacities and expenses, furthermore that most of MSc and PhD students suffering from choosing the suitable specimen before starting their experimental study. The current study adopts to take large scale slab with opening as a case study of structural member where the slab is squared with central squared opening, the boundary condition is fixed from all sides, the load represents by four concentrated force in four corners of opening, as well as, the study adopts Buckingham theorem which has been used for scaling, all the parameters of the problem have been formed in dimensionless groups, the main groups have been connected by a relations, those relations are represented by force, maximum stress and maximum displacement. Finite element method by ANSYS R18.1 has been used for analyzing and forming relations for the large scale member. Prediction analysis has been computed for three small scale models by depending on the formed relations of the large scale member. It is found that Buckingham theorem is considered suitable way for creating relations among the parameters for any structural problem then making similitude and scaling the large scale members to small scale members. Finally, verification between the prediction and theoretical results has been done, it is observed that the maximum deviation between them is not more than 2.4%.
Key Words
    Buckingham theorem; dimensional analysis; large scale structure; scaling
Muaid A. Shhatha: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Kufa, Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, Iraq

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