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  Volume 8, Number 2, April 2023 , pages 97-112

Numerical investigation of the hysteretic response analysis and damage assessment of RC column
Abdelmounaim Mechaala, Benazouz Chikh, Hakim Bechtoula, Mohand Ould Ouali and Aghiles Nekmouche

    The Finite Element (FE) modeling of Reinforced Concrete (RC) under seismic loading has a sensitive impact in terms of getting good contribution compared to experimental results. Several idealized model types for simulating the nonlinear response have been developed based on the plasticity distribution alone the model. The Continuum Models are the most used category of modeling, to understand the seismic behavior of structural elements in terms of their components, cracking patterns, hysteretic response, and failure mechanisms. However, the material modeling, contact and nonlinear analysis strategy are highly complex due to the joint operation of concrete and steel. This paper presents a numerical simulation of a chosen RC column under monotonic and cyclic loading using the FE Abaqus, to assess the hysteretic response and failure mechanisms in the RC columns, where the perfect bonding option is used for the contact between concrete and steel. While results of the numerical study under cyclic loading compared to experimental tests might be unsuccessful due to the lack of bond-slip modeling. The monotonic loading shows a good estimation of the envelope response and deformation components. In addition, this work further demonstrates the advantage and efficiency of the damage distributions since the obtained damage distributions fit the expected results.
Key Words
    abaqus; finite element analysis; micro-modeling; nonlinear response; reinforced concrete
Abdelmounaim Mechaala, Hakim Bechtoula and Aghiles Nekmouche:National Earthquake Engineering Research Center, CGS, Rue Kaddour Rahim, BP 252 Hussein-Dey, Algiers, Algeria

Benazouz Chikh: Laboratoire TPITE, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Travaux Publics (ENSTP), Algiers, Algeria

Mohand Ould Ouali: Laboratory Elaboration and Characterization of Materials and Modelling (LEC2M), University Mouloud Mammeri Of Tizi Ouzou, Bp17rp, 15000 Tizi Ouzou, Algeria


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