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  Volume 7, Number 2, April 2022 , pages 129-137

Mechanical and wear properties evaluation of Al/Al2O3 composites fabricated by combined compo-casting and WARB process
Mohamad Heydari Vini and Saeed Daneshmand

    Compo-casting method is one of the popular technique to produce metal based matrix composites. But, one of the main challenges in this process is un-uniform spreading of reinforced subdivisions (particles) inside the metallic matrix and the lack of desirable mechanical properties of the final produced composites due to the low bonding strength among the metal matrix and reinforcement particles. To remove these difficulties and to promote the mechanical properties of these kind of composites, the WARM ARB technique was utilized as supplementary technique to heighten the mechanical and microstructural evolution of the casted Al/Al2O3 composite strips. The microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of these composites have been considered versus different WARM ARB cycles by tensile test, average Vickers micro hardness test, wear test and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The SEM results revealed that during the higher warm- ARB cycles, big alumina clusters are broken and make a uniform distribution of alumina particles. It was shown that cumulating the forming cycles improved the mechanical properties of composites. In general, combined compo-casting and ARB process would consent making Al/Al2O3 composites with high consistency, good microstructural and mechanical properties.
Key Words
    aluminum matrix composite (AMC); compo-casting; fracture surface; SEM; warm accumulative roll bonding (WARM ARB); wear test
Mohamad Heydari Vini: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mobarakeh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mobarakeh, Isfahan, Iran

Saeed Daneshmand: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Majlesi Branch, Islamic Azad University, Majlesi, Isfahan, Iran

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