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  Volume 7, Number 2, April 2022 , pages 99-112

Nonlinear static analysis of smart beams under transverse loads and thermal-electrical environments
Hayder A.K. Ali, Mouayed H.Z. Al-Toki, Raad M. Fenjan and Nadhim M. Faleh

    This research has been devoted to examine nonlinear static bending analysis of smart beams with nano dimension exposed to thermal environment. The beam elastic properties are corresponding to piezo-magnetic material of different compositions. The large deflection analysis of the beam has been performed assuming that the beam is exposed to transverse uniform pressure. Based on the rule of Hamilton, the governing equations have been derived for a nonlocal thin beam and solved using differential quadrature method. Temperature variation effect on nonlinear deflection of the smart beams has been studied. Also, the beam deflection is shown to be affected by electric voltage, magnetic intensity and material composition.
Key Words
    beam theory; bending; nonlocal theory; numerical analysis; static behavior; thermal load
Hayder A.K. Ali, Raad M. Fenjan and Nadhim M. Faleh: Al-Mustansiriah University, Engineering Collage P.O. Box 46049, Bab-Muadum, Baghdad 10001, Iraq

Mouayed H.Z. Al-Toki: Middle Technical University, Technical College, Baghdad, Iraq

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