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  Volume 5, Number 3, July 2020 , pages 277-289

Finite element modeling of multiplyconnected three-dimensional areas
Askhad M. Polatov, Akhmat M. Ikramov and Daniyarbek D. Razmukhamedov

    This article describes the technology for constructing of a multiply-connected three-dimensional area's finite element representation. Representation of finite-element configuration of an area is described by a discrete set that consist of the number of nodes and elements of the finite-element grid, that are orderly set of nodes' coordinates and numbers of finite elements. Corresponding theorems are given, to prove the correctness of the solution method. The adequacy of multiply-connected area topology's finite element model is shown. The merging of subareas is based on the criterion of boundary nodes' coincidence by establishing a simple hierarchy of volumes, surfaces, lines and points. Renumbering nodes is carried out by the frontal method, where nodes located on the outer edges of the structure are used as the initial front.
Key Words
    modeling; finite element; grid; numbering; ordering; node; vertex; face; front; algorithm; connect; area
Askhad M. Polatov, Akhmat M. Ikramov: Department of Mathematics, National University of Uzbekistan,4, University Street,
Tashkent 100174, Uzbekistan
Daniyarbek D. Razmukhamedov: Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, 17, Kichik halqa yo'li Street, Tashkent 100000, Uzbekistan

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