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  Volume 5, Number 3, July 2020 , pages 233-260

Advanced controller design for AUV based on adaptive dynamic programming
Tim Chen, Safiullahand Khurram, Joelli Zoungrana, Lallit Pandey and J.C.Y. Chen

    The main purpose to introduce model based controller in proposed control technique is to provide better and fast learning of the floating dynamics by means of fuzzy logic controller and also cancelling effect of nonlinear terms of the system. An iterative adaptive dynamic programming algorithm is proposed to deal with the optimal trajectory-tracking control problems for autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The optimal tracking control problem is converted into an optimal regulation problem by system transformation. Then the optimal regulation problem is solved by the policy iteration adaptive dynamic programming algorithm. Finally, simulation example is given to show the performance of the iterative adaptive dynamic programming algorithm.
Key Words
    complex systems; fuzzy models; delay-dependent robust stability criterion; parallel distributed compensation
Tim Chen: AI Lab, Faculty of Information Technology, Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Safiullahand Khurram:Department of Computer Science, Kunduz University, Kunduz, Afghanistan
Joelli Zoungrana:School of Intelligent Science, Colinas University of Boé, Avenida 14 de Novembro Entrada do Bairro de Hafia Boe C.P. 1340 Bissau Guinea-Bissau
Lallit Pandey and J.C.Y. Chen: Department of Soil Science, Patuakhali Science and Technology University,
Dumki 8602, Patuakhali, Bangladesh

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