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  Volume 5, Number 1, January 2020 , pages 55-89

Analytical free vibration solution for angle-ply piezolaminated plate under cylindrical bending: A piezo-elasticity approach
Agyapal Singh and Poonam Kumari

    For the first time, an accurate analytical solution, based on coupled three-dimensional (3D) piezoelasticity equations, is presented for free vibration analysis of the angle-ply elastic and piezoelectric flat laminated panels under arbitrary boundary conditions. The present analytical solution is applicable to composite, sandwich and hybrid panels having arbitrary angle-ply lay-up, material properties, and boundary conditions. The modified Hamiltons principle approach has been applied to derive the weak form of governing equations where stresses, displacements, electric potential, and electric displacement field variables are considered as primary variables. Thereafter, multi-term multi-field extended Kantorovich approach (MMEKM) is employed to transform the governing equation into two sets of algebraic-ordinary differential equations (ODEs), one along in-plane (x) and other along the thickness (z) direction, respectively. These ODEs are solved in closed-form manner, which ensures the same order of accuracy for all the variables (stresses, displacements, and electric variables) by satisfying the boundary and continuity equations in exact manners. A robust algorithm is developed for extracting the natural frequencies and mode shapes. The numerical results are reported for various configurations such as elastic panels, sandwich panels and piezoelectric panels under different sets of boundary conditions. The effect of ply-angle and thickness to span ratio (s) on the dynamic behavior of the panels are also investigated. The presented 3D analytical solution will be helpful in the assessment of various 1D theories and numerical methods.
Key Words
    free vibration; extended Kantorovich method (EKM); analytical solution; angle-ply piezoelectric laminate; arbitrary boundary conditions; smart structures
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,
Guwahati 781039, India

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