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  Volume 3, Number 3, July 2018 , pages 289-302

Compressive strength prediction of limestone filler concrete using artificial neural networks
Hocine Ayat, Yasmina Kellouche, Mohamed Ghrici and Bakhta Boukhatem

    The use of optimum content of supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) such as limestone filler (LF) to blend with Portland cement has been resulted in many environmental and technical advantages, such as increase in physical properties, enhancement of sustainability in concrete industry and reducing CO2 emission are well known. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been already applied in civil engineering to solve a wide variety of problems such as the prediction of concrete compressive strength. The feed forward back propagation (FFBP) algorithm and Tan-sigmoid transfer function were used for the ANNs training in this study. The training, testing and validation of data during the backpropagation training process yielded good correlations exceeding 97%. A parametric study was conducted to study the sensitivity of the developed model to certain essential parameters affecting the compressive strength of concrete. The effects and benefits of limestone filler on hardened properties of the concrete such as compressive strength were well established endorsing previous results in the literature. The results of this study revealed that the proposed ANNs model showed a high performance as a feasible and highly efficient tool for simulating the LF concrete compressive strength prediction.
Key Words
    concrete, limestone filler, compressive strength, prediction, artificial neural networks
Hocine Ayat, Yasmina Kellouche, Mohamed Ghrici and Bakhta Boukhatem: Geomaterials Laboratory, Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef, P.O. Box 151, Chlef 02000, Algeria
Bakhta Boukhatem: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

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