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  Volume 3, Number 2, April 2018 , pages 147-163

Studies on structural interaction and performance of cement composite using Molecular Dynamics
B.S. Sindu, Aleena Alex and Saptarshi Sasmal

    Cementitious composites are multiphase heterogeneous materials with distinct dissimilarity in strength under compression and tension (high under compression and very low under tension). At macro scale, the phenomenon can be well-explained as the material contains physical heterogeneity and pores. But, it is interesting to note that this dissimilarity initiates at molecular level where there is no heterogeneity. In this regard, molecular dynamics based computational investigations are carried out on cement clinkers and calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) under tension and compression to trace out the origin of dissimilarity. In the study, effect of strain rate, size of computational volume and presence of un-structured atoms on the obtained response is also investigated. It is identified that certain type of molecular interactions and the molecular structural parameters are responsible for causing the dissimilarity in behavior. Hence, the judiciously modified or tailored molecular structure would not only be able to reduce the extent of dissimilarity, it would also be capable of incorporating the desired properties in heterogeneous composites. The findings of this study would facilitate to take step to scientifically alter the structure of cementitious composites to attain the desired mechanical properties.
Key Words
    Molecular dynamics; C-S-H; cement clinkers; mechanical properties
B.S. Sindu and Saptarshi Sasma: Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, India;
CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Taramani, Chennai-600113, India
Aleena Alex : Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, India


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