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  Volume 3, Number 1, January 2018, pages 035-47

Optimization of settlement layout based on parametric generation
Song Jinghua, Xie Xinqin and Yu Yang

    Design of settlement space is a complicated process while reasonable spatial layout bears great significance on the development and resource allocation of a settlement. The study proposes a weighted L-system generation algorithm based on CA (Cellular Automation) model which tags the spatial attributes of cells through changes in their state during the evolution of CA and thus identifies the spatial growth mode of a settlement. The entrance area of the Caidian Botanical and Animal Garden is used a case study for the model. A design method is proposed which starts from the internal logics of spatial generation, explores possibility of spatial rules and realizes the quantitative analysis and dynamic control of the design process. Taking a top-down approach, the design method takes into account the site information, studies the spatial generation mechanism of settlements and further presents a engine for the generation of multiple layout proposals based on different rules. A optimal solution is acquired using GA (Genetic Algorithm) which generates a settlement spatial layout carrying site information and dynamically linked to the surround environment. The study aims to propose a design method to optimize the spatial layout of the complex settlement system based on parametric generation.
Key Words
    parametric design; Cellular Automaton; L-system; genetic algorithm; layout optimization
Song Jinghua, Xie Xinqin and Yu Yang: School of Urban Design, Wuhan University, China

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