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  Volume 1, Number 1, January 2016, pages 61-77

Computational methodology to determine the strength of reinforced concrete joint
Saptarshi Sasmal, Vishnu Pradeesh L., A. Kanchana Devi and K. Ramanjaneyulu

    Seismic performance of structures depends on the force flow mechanism inside the structure. Discontinuity regions, like beam-column joints, are often affected during earthquake event due to the complex and discontinuous load paths. The evaluation of shear strength and identification of failure mode of the joint region are helpful to (i) define the strength hierarchy of the beam-column sub-assemblage, (ii) quantify the influence of different parameters on the behaviour of beam-column joint and, (iii) develop suitable and adequate strengthening scheme for the joints, if required, to obtain the desired strength hierarchy. In view of this, it is very important to estimate the joint shear strength and identify the failure modes of the joint region as it is the most critical part in any beam-column sub-assemblage. One of the most effective models is softened strut and tie model which was developed by incorporating force equilibrium, strain compatibility and constitutive laws of cracked reinforced concrete. In this study, softened strut and tie model, which incorporates force equilibrium equations, compatibility conditions and material constitutive relation of the cracked concrete, are used to simulate the shear strength behaviour and to identify failure mechanisms of the beam-column joints. The observations of the present study will be helpful to arrive at the design strategy of the joints to ensure the desired failure mechanism and strength hierarchy to achieve sustainability of structural systems under seismic loading.
Key Words
    beam-column joints; strength hierarchy; failure mechanism; softened strut and tie model; joint shear strength
Saptarshi Sasmal, Vishnu Pradeesh L., A. Kanchana Devi
and K. Ramanjaneyulu: Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, Chennai, India

Saptarshi Sasmal, A. Kanchana Devi
and K. Ramanjaneyulu: Scientist, CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai-600113, India

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