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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 9, Number 5, May 2020 , pages 469-478

Degradation reliability modeling of plain concrete for pavement under flexural fatigue loading
Yanshun Jia, Guoqiang Liu, Yunmeng Yang, Ying Gao, Tao Yang and Fanlong Tang

    This study aims to establish a new methodological framework for the evaluation of the evolution of the reliability of plain concrete for pavement vs number of cycles under flexural fatigue loading. According to the framework, a new method calculating the reliability was proposed through probability simulation in order to describe a random accumulation of fatigue damage, which combines reliability theory, one-to-one probability density functions transformation technique, cumulative fatigue damage theory and Weibull distribution theory. Then the statistical analysis of flexural fatigue performance of cement concrete tested was carried out utilizing Weibull distribution. Ultimately, the reliability for the tested cement concrete was obtained by the proposed method. Results indicate that the stochastic evolution behavior of concrete materials under fatigue loading can be captured by the established framework. The flexural fatigue life data of concrete at different stress levels is well described utilizing the two-parameter Weibull distribution. The evolution of reliability for concrete materials tested in this study develops by three stages and may corresponds to develop stages of cracking. The proposed method may also be available for the analysis of degradation behaviors under non-fatigue conditions.
Key Words
    pavement; cement concrete; fatigue damage; degradation reliability; Monte Carlo; Weibull distribution
Yanshun Jia, Guoqiang Liu, Ying Gao, Tao Yang, Fanlong Tang: School of Transportation, Southeast University, Nanjing 211189, China
Yunmeng Yang: Richangsheng Design & Research Institute of Building New Materials Co., Ltd., Hangzhou 310002, China

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