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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 9, Number 3, March 2020 , pages 267-278

Effect of magnesium sulphate solution on compressive strength and sorptivity of blended concrete
Trilochan Jena and Kishor C. Panda

    This paper reports on the result of an experimental investigation carried out to study the compressive strength and sorptivity properties of blended cement concrete exposed to 5% and 10% MgSO4 solution using fly ash (FA) and silpozz. Usually in sulphate environment the minimum grade of concrete is M30 and the mix design is done for target mean strength of 39 MPa. Silpozz is manufactured by burning of agro-waste rice husk in designed furnace in between 600o to 700oC which is one of the main agricultural residues obtained from the outer covering of rice grains during the milling process. There are four mix series taken with control mix. The control mix made 0% replacement of FA and silpozz with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The first mix series made 0% FA and 10-30% replacement of silpozz with OPC. The second mix series made with 10% FA and 10-40% replacement of silpozz with OPC. The third mix series made 20% FA and 10-30% replacement of silpozz with OPC and the fourth mix series made 30% FA and 10-20% silpozz replaced with OPC. The samples (cubes) are prepared and cured in normal water and 5% and 10% MgSO4 solution for 7, 28 and 90 days. The studied parameters are compressive strength and strength deterioration factor (SDF) for 7, 28 and 90 days. The water absorption and sorptivity tests have been done after 28 days of normal water and magnesium sulphate solution curing. The investigation reflects that the blended cement concrete incorporating FA and silpozz showing better resistance against MgSO4 solution when compared to normal water curing (NWC) samples.
Key Words
    blended cement concrete; compressive strength; SDF; sorptivity; water absorption
Trilochan Jena: Department of Civil Engineering, ITER, S

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