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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 9, Number 2, February 2020 , pages 217-225

Valorization of marble
Boughamsa Ouassila, Hebhoube Houria, Kherref Leila, Belachia Mouloud, Abdelouahed Assia and Rihia Chaher

    The recovery of waste proves a solution with two impacts: the environmental impact by the reduction of pollution and the gain of the occupied space by this waste, and the economic impact by the use of these lasts in the building and in the area of public works. The present research consists in recovering a waste marble (thrown powder exposed to the different meteorological phenomena) generated by the quarry marble of Fil-fila, located at the east side of Skikda in the north-east of Algeria, and add it, as sand in the composition of sand concrete. To carry out this research, we analyzed the evolution brought by the substitution of ordinary sand by marble waste sand, with 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% on the properties in the fresh state (density, workability and air content) and in the cured state (compressive strength, tensile strength, surface hardness and sound velocity). For durability we tested water absorption by immersion and chloride penetration. The results obtained are compared with control samples of 0% of substitution rate. In order to have a good filling of the voids in the granular skeleton; we added a quantity of limestone recycled fines from the quarries and for a good workability a super-plasticizing additive. The results showed that the partial substitution modified both the fresh and the hardened characteristics of the tested concretes, the durability parameters also improved.
Key Words
    valorization; sand concrete; substitution; quarry waste; marble; mechanical performance; durability
Boughamsa Ouassila, Hebhoube Houria, Kherref Leila, Belachia Mouloud, Abdelouahed Assia and Rihia Chaher: Department of Civil Engineering, LMGHU Laboratory, University of Skikda, Algeria

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