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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 8, Number 1, August 2019, pages 21-31

Efficacy of supplementary cementitious material and hybrid fiber to develop the ultra high performance hybrid fiber reinforced concrete
Raju Sharma and Prem Pal Bansal

    The rich recipe of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) offers the higher mechanical, durability and dense microstructure property. The variable like cement/sand ratio, amount of supplementary cementitious material, water/binder ratio, amount of fiber etc. alters the UHPC hardened properties to any extent. Therefore, to understand the effects of these variables on the performance of UHPC, inevitably a stage-wise development is required. In the present experimental study, the effect of sand/cement ratio, the addition of finer material (fly ash and quartz powder) and, hybrid fiber on the fresh, compressive and microstructural property of UHPC is evaluated. The experiment is conducted in three phases; the first phase evaluates the flow value and strength attainment of ingredients, the second phase evaluates the efficiency of finer materials (fly ash and quartz powder) to develop the UHPC and the third phase evaluate the effect of hybrid fiber on the flow value and strength of ultra high performance hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (UHP-HFRC). It has been seen that the addition of fly ash improves the flow value and compressive strength of UHPC as compared to quartz powder. Further, the usage of hybrid fiber in fly ash contained matrix decreases the flow value and improves the strength of the UHP-HFRC matrix. The dense interface between matrix and fiber and, a higher amount of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) in fly ash contained UHP-HFRC is revealed by SEM and XRD respectively. The dense interface (bond between the fiber and the UHPC matrix) and the higher CSH formation are the reason for the improvement in the compressive strength of fly ash based UHP-HFRC. The differential thermal analysis (DTA/TGA) shows the similar type of mass loss pattern, however, the amount of mass loss differs in fly ash and quartz powder contained UHP-HFRC.
Key Words
    Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC); Steel Fiber; Crimped Fiber; Hooked Fiber; Hybrid Fiber; Fly Ash; Quartz Powder
Raju Sharma and Prem Pal Bansal: Civil Engineering Department, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, 147001 Patiala, India

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