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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 7, Number 3, May 2019, pages 175-181

Effect of low-calcium fly ash on sulfate resistance of cement paste under different exposure conditions
Wuman Zhang, Yingchen Zhang and Longxin Gao

    Low-calcium fly ash (LCFA) were used to prepare cement/LCFA specimens in this study. The basic physical properties including water demand, fluidity, setting time, soundness and drying shrinkage of cement/LCFA paste were investigated. The effects of curing time, immersion time and wet-dry cycles in 3% Na2SO4 solution on the compressive strength and the microstructures of specimens were also discussed. The results show that LCFA increases the water demand, setting time, soundness of cement paste samples. 50% and 60% LCFA replacement ratio decrease the drying shrinkage of hardened cement paste. The compressive strength of plain cement specimens decreases at the later immersion stage in 3% Na2SO4 solution. The addition of LCFA can decrease this strength reduction of cement specimens. For all specimens with LCFA, the compressive strength increases with increasing immersion time. During the wet-dry cycles, the compressive strength of plain cement specimens decreases with increasing wet-dry cycles. However, the pores in the specimens with 30% and 40% LCFA at early ages could be large enough for the crystal of sodium sulfate, which leads to the compressive strength increase with the increase of wet-dry cycles in 3% Na2SO4 solution. The microstructures of cement/LCFA specimens are in good agreement with the compressive strength.
Key Words
    low-calcium fly ash (LCFA); cement paste; sulfate resistance; wet-dry cycles; immersion
Wuman Zhang, Yingchen Zhang and Longxin Gao: Department of Civil Engineering, School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, 100191, P.R. China

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