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Advances in Concrete Construction   Volume 7, Number 2, April 2019, pages 87-96
Performance of self-compacting concrete with manufactured crushed sand
Smain Benyamina, Belkacem Menadi, Siham Kamali Bernard and Said Kenai

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Self-compacting concretes (SCC) are highly fluid concrete which can flow without any vibration. Their composition requires a large quantity of fines to limit the risk of bleeding and segregation. The use of crushed sand rich in limestone fines could be an adequate solution for both economic and environmental reasons. This paper investigates the influence of quarry limestone fines from manufactured crushed sand on rheological, mechanical and durability properties of SCC. For this purpose, five mixtures of SCC with different limestone fines content as substitution of crushed sand (0, 5, 10, 15 and 20%) were prepared at constant water-to-cement ratio of 0.40 and 490 kg/m3 of cement content. Fresh SCC mixtures were tested by slump flow test, V-funnel flow time test, L-box height ratio, segregation resistance and rheological test using a rheometer. Compressive and flexural strengths of SCC mixtures were evaluated at 28 days. Regarding durability properties, total porosity, capillary water absorption and chloride-ion migration were studied at 180 days. For the two test modes in fresh state, the results indicated compatibility between slump flow/yield stress (t0) and V-funnel flow time/plastic viscosity (u). Increasing the substitution level of limestone fines in SCC mixtures, contributes to the decrease of the slump flow and the yield stress. All SCC mixtures investigated achieved adequate filling, adequate passing ability and exhibit no segregation. Moreover, the inclusion of limestone fines as crushed sand substitution reduces the capillary water absorption, chloride-ion migration and consequently enhances the durability performance.
Key Words
    crushed sand; limestone fines; self-compacting concrete; rheological properties; mechanical properties; water permeability; chloride-ion migration
Smain Benyamina, Belkacem Menadi, Said Kenai: Geomaterials Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Blida 1, Algeria
Siham Kamali Bernard: Laboratory of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Applied Sciences, Rennes 35708, France

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