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Advances in Concrete Construction   Volume 7, Number 2, April 2019, pages 75-85
Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on strength and durability characteristics of concrete
V.V. Praveen Kumar and D. Ravi Prasad

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The present study is focused on the mechanical and durability properties of ternary blended cement concrete mix of different grades 30 MPa, 50 MPa and 70 MPa. Three mineral admixtures (fly ash, silica fume and lime sludge) were used as a partial replacement of cement in the preparation of blended concrete mix. The durability of ternary blended cement concrete mix was studied by exposing it to acids HCl and H2SO4 at 5% concentration. Acid mass loss factors (AMLF), acid strength loss factor (ASLF) and acid durability factor (ADF) were determined, and the results were compared with the control mix. Chloride ions penetration was investigated by conducting rapid chlorination penetration test and accelerated corrosion penetration test on control mix and ternary blended cement concrete. From the results, it was evident that the usage of these mineral admixtures is having a beneficiary role on the strength as well as durability properties. The results inferred that the utilization of these materials as a partial replacement of cement have significantly enhanced the compressive strength of blended concrete mix in 30 MPa, 50 MPa and 70 MPa by 42.95%, 32.48% and 22.79%. The blended concrete mix shown greater resistance to acid attack compared to control mix concrete. Chloride ion ingress of the blended cement concrete mix was low compared to control mix implying the beneficiary role of mineral admixtures.
Key Words
    strength characteristics; fly ash; silica fume; lime sludge; ternary blended concrete; rapid chlorination penetration test; accelerated corrosion penetration test; acid attack study
V.V. Praveen Kumar and D. Ravi Prasad: Department of Civil Engineering National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India

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