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Advances in Concrete Construction   Volume 6, Number 4, August 2018, pages 323-344
Performance of self-compacting geopolymer concrete with and without GGBFS and steel fiber
Saad Al-Rawi and Nildem Taysi

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The study herein reports the impact of Steel Fiber (SF) and Ground Granulated Blast Furnaces slag (GGBFS) content on the fresh and hardened properties of fly ash (FA) based Self-Compacting Geopolymer Concrete (SCGC). Two series of self-compacting geopolymer concrete (SCGC) were formulated with a constant binder content of 450 kg/m3 and at an alkaline-to-binder (a/b) ratio of 0.50. Fly ash (FA) was substituted with GGBFS with the replacement levels being 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% by weight in each SCGC series. Steel fiber (SF) wasn\'t employed in the assembly of the initial concrete series whereas, within the second concrete series, an SF combination was achieved by a constant additional level of 1% by volume. Fresh properties of mixtures were through an experiment investigated in terms of slump flow diameter, T50 slump flow time, V-funnel flow time, and L-box height ratio. Moreover, the mechanical performance of the SCGCs was evaluated in terms of compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, and fracture toughness. Furthermore, a statistical analysis was applied in order to judge the importance of the experimental parameters, like GGBFS and SF contents. The experimental results indicated that the incorporation of SF had no vital impact on the fresh characteristics of the SCGC mixtures whereas GGBFS aggravated them. However, the incorporation of GGBFS was considerably improved the mechanical properties of SCGCs. Moreover, the incorporation of SF with the total different quantity of GGBFS replacement has considerably increased the mechanical properties of SCGCs, by close to (65%) for the splitting strength and (200%) for compressive strength.
Key Words
    Self-Compacting Geopolymer Concrete (SCGC); GGBFS; Steel Fiber (SF); fresh properties; mechanical properties
Saad Al-Rawi and Nildem Taysi: Department of Civil Engineering, Gaziantep University, Gaziantep, Turkey

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