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Advances in Concrete Construction   Volume 5, Number 3, June 2017, pages 221-240
Analysis of quasi-brittle materials at mesoscopic level using homogenization model
Dannilo C Borges and José J C Pituba

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The modeling of the mechanical behavior of quasi-brittle materials is still a challenge task, mainly in failure processes when fracture and plasticity phenomena become important actors in dissipative processes which occur in materials like concrete, as instance. Many homogenization-based approaches have been proposed to deal with heterogeneous materials in the last years. In this context, a computational homogenization modeling for concrete is presented in this work using the concept of Representative Volume Element (RVE). The material is considered as a three-phase material consisting of interface zone (ITZ), matrix and inclusions-each constituent modeled by an independent constitutive model. The Representative Volume Element (RVE) consists of inclusions idealized as circular shapes symmetrically and non-symmetrically placed into the specimen. The interface zone is modeled by means of cohesive contact finite elements. The inclusion is modeled as linear elastic and matrix region is considered as elastoplastic material. A set of examples is presented in order to show the potentialities and limitations of the proposed modeling. The consideration of the fracture processes in the ITZ is fundamental to capture complex macroscopic characteristics of the material using simple constitutive models at mesoscopic level.
Key Words
    concrete; fracture mechanics; finite element; homogenization; plasticity
Dannilo C Borges: Federal University of Goiás, Civil Engineering School, Av. Universitária, 1488, 74605-220, Goiânia, Brazil
José J C Pituba: Federal University of Goiás, Engineering School, Department of Civil Engineering,
Laboratory of Computational Modeling, Av. Dr Lamartine Pinto de Avelar, 1120, 75704-020, Catalão, Brazil

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