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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 2, Number 3, September 2014 , pages 209-227

Packing density and filling effect of limestone fines
A.K.H. Kwan and M. McKinley

    The use of limestone fines (LF) in mortar and concrete can in certain ways improve performance and thus has become more and more commonplace. However, although LF is generally regarded as a filler, it is up to now not clear how much filling effect it could have and how best the filling effect could be utilized. Herein, the packing density and filling effect of LF were studied by measuring the packing densities of LF, (LF + cement) blends and (LF + cement + fine aggregate) blends under dry and wet conditions, and measuring the performance of mortars made with various amounts of LF added. It was found that the addition of LF would not significantly increase the packing density of (LF + cement) blends but would fill into the paste to increase the paste volume and paste film thickness, and improve the flow spread and strength of mortar.
Key Words
    fillers; limestone fines; mortar; packing density; paste film thickness
A.K.H. Kwan and M. McKinley: Department of Civil Engineering,The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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