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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 12, Number 3, September 2021 , pages 227-241

Frost resistance of layered concrete systems incorporating ECC as overlay materials
Hasan E. Yücel

    Concrete structures are subjected to severe durability issues and freeze-thaw action is one of these detrimental issues. In this paper, the behavior of high-volume Class-F fly ash (FA) and slag (SL) incorporated Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) as overlay materials was assessed when they were under cyclic freezing and thawing effect. Silica fume concrete (SFC) was also tested as a control mixture which is generally used for overlaying purposes. Layered ECC/substrate concrete (SC) and SFC/SC beam specimens were produced and subjected to 300 freeze-thaw cycles in accordance with ASTM C666, Procedure A. Laboratory tests performed using the layered specimens were based on the determination changes of (i) residual mechanical properties (flexural strength -mid-span beam deflection curves), (ii) ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV), (iii) mass loss, (iv) relative dynamic modulus of elasticity (RDME) and (v) durability factor (DF). Test results show that all layered specimens produced with different ECC mixtures safely survived 300 freeze-thaw cycles without any disturbance between the ECC overlay and SC interface. On the other hand, one out of six tested SFC/SC layered specimens survived 300 freeze-thaw cycles and final failure for five failed specimens took place from the interfacial planes. Significantly better frost resistance of overlaid systems produced with ECCs than those with SFC was also verified with all of the tests proposed. Between different ECC mixtures, those produced with slag performed better than that those with Class-F fly ash.
Key Words
    engineered cementitious composites (ECC); frost resistance; layered concrete system; mechanical properties
Hasan E. Yücel: Department of Civil Engineering, Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Nigde, Turkey

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