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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 11, Number 4, April 2021 , pages 285-298

Optimizing the mix design of pervious concrete based on properties and unit cost
Bahram M. Taheri and Amir M. Ramezanianpour

    This study focused on experimental evaluation of mechanical properties of pervious concrete mixtures with the aim of achieving higher values of strength while considering the associated costs. The effectiveness of key parameters, including cement content, water to cement ratio (W/C), aggregate to cement ratio (A/C), and sand replacement was statistically analyzed using paired-samples t-test, Taguchi method and one-way ANOVA. Taguchi analysis determined that in general, the role of W/C was more significant in increasing strength, both compressive and flexural, than cement content and A/C. It was found that increase in replacing percent of coarse aggregate with sand could undermine specimens to percolate water, though one-way ANOVA analysis determined statistically significant increases in values of strength of mixtures. Cost analysis revealed that higher strengths did not necessarily correspond to higher costs; in addition, increasing the cement content was not an appropriate scenario to optimize both strength and cost. In order to obtain the optimal values, response surface method (RSM) was carried out. RSM optimization helped to find out that W/C of 0.40, A/C of 4.0, cement content of about 330 kg/m3 and replacing about 12% of coarse aggregate with sand could result in the best values for strength and cost while maintaining adequate permeability.
Key Words
    pervious concrete; taguchi analysis; t-test; ANOVA; cost analysis; Response Surface Method (RSM)
Bahram M. Taheri: School of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran
Amir M. Ramezanianpour: School of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran

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