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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 10, Number 6, December 2020, pages 537-546
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Combined effect of lightweight fine aggregate and micro rubber ash on the properties of cement mortar
Omar Mohamed Omar Ibrahim and Bassam A. Tayeh

    Exterior walls in buildings are exposed to various forms of thermal loads, which depend on the positions of walls. Therefore, one of the efficient methods for improving the energy competence of buildings is improving the thermal properties of insulation plaster mortar. In this study, lightweight fine aggregate (LWFA) and micro rubber ash (MRA) from recycled tires were used as partial replacements for sand. The flow ability, unit weight, compressive strength, tensile strength, thermal conductivity (K-value), drying shrinkage and microstructure scan of lightweight rubberized mortar (LWRM) were investigated. Ten mixtures of LWRM were prepared as follows: traditional cement mortar (control mixture); three mixes with different percentages of LWFA (25%, 50% and 75%); three mixes with different percentages of MRA (2.5%, 5% and 7.5%); and three mixes consisting both types with determined ratios (25% LWFA+5% MRA, 50% LWFA+5% MRA and 75% LWFA+5% MRA). The flow ability of the mortars was 22+-2 cm, and LWRM contained LWFA and MRA. The compressive and tensile strength decreased by approximately 64% and 57%, respectively, when 75% LWFA was used compared with those when the control mix was used. The compressive and tensile strength decreased when 5% MRA was used. By contrast, mixes with determined ratios of LWFA and MRA affected reduced unit weight, K-value and dry shrinkage.
Key Words
    lightweight; rubber; mortar; thermal conductivity; shrinkage
Omar Mohamed Omar Ibrahim: Department of Civil Construction and Architecture, Faculty of Technology and Education, Suez University, Suez, Egypt; Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology At ElManzala, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt
Bassam A. Tayeh: Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic University of Gaza, Gaza, Palestine

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