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Advances in Concrete Construction
  Volume 10, Number 4, October 2020, pages 333-343

Investigation of the effects on earthquake behavior and rough construction costs of the slab type in reinforced concrete buildings
Senol Gursoy and Omer Uludag

    In the architectural design process, the selection and configuration of the structural system significantly affect the earthquake behaviours of the reinforced concrete buildings. The main purpose of this study, the effects on the earthquake performances and the rough construction cost of the buildings of the slab type in reinforced concrete buildings are to examine comparatively for different local soil classes. The results obtained from this study have been determined that the building model having slabs with beams is safer compared to other types of slabs, especially when considering the vertical bearing structural elements (columns). It also shows that other types of slab, except for slab with beams, reduce the earthquake performances of reinforced concrete buildings, increase the displacement values, 1st natural vibration period values and the cost of rough construction. This matter reveals that slab type is quite important and the preference of beamed slabs in reinforced concrete buildings to be constructed in earthquake zones would be more appropriate in terms of safety and cost.
Key Words
    slab type; earthquake performance; rough construction cost; Sta4-Cad
Senol Gursoy and Omer Uludag: Department of Civil Engineering, Karabük University, 78050 Karabük, Turkey

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