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Advances in Biomechanics & Applications
  Volume 1, Number 1, March 2014, pages 23-40
open access

Multi-scale modelling of the blood chamber of a left ventricular assist device
Magdalena Kopernik and Andrzej Milenin

    This paper examines the blood chamber of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) under static loading conditions and standard operating temperatures. The LVAD's walls are made of a temperature-sensitive polymer (ChronoFlex C 55D) and are covered with a titanium nitride (TiN) nano-coating (deposited by laser ablation) to improve their haemocompatibility. A loss of cohesion may be observed near the coating-substrate boundary. Therefore, a micro-scale stress-strain analysis of the multilayered blood chamber was conducted with FE (finite element) code. The multi-scale model included a macro-model of the LVAD's blood chamber and a micro-model of the TiN coating. The theories of non-linear elasticity and elasto-plasticity were applied. The formulated problems were solved with a finite element method. The micro-scale problem was solved for a representative volume element (RVE). This micro-model accounted for the residual stress, a material model of the TiN coating, the stress results under loading pressures, the thickness of the TiN coating and the wave parameters of the TiN surface. The numerical results (displacements and strains) were experimentally validated using digital image correlation (DIC) during static blood pressure deformations. The maximum strain and stress were determined at static pressure steps in a macro-scale FE simulation. The strain and stress were also computed at the same loading conditions in a micro-scale FE simulation.
Key Words
     finite element method (FEM); representative volume element (RVE); polymer; nano-coating; titanium nitride (TiN); digital image correlation (DIC); left ventricular assist device (LVAD)
Magdalena Kopernik and Andrzej Milenin: AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland

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