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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 8, Number 3, May 2021 , pages 213-237

Thermoelastic bending analysis of laminated plates subjected to linear and nonlinear thermal loads
Sandhya K. Swami and Yuwaraj M. Ghugal

    The paper presents the analytical solutions for thick orthotropic laminated plates using trignometric shear deformation theory. The effects transverse shear and transverse normal strains are included with linear and nonlinear thermal loads. The displacement field of the theory includes the trigonometric functions in thickness coordinate of plate to account for these effects. The displacement field enforces to give the realistic variation of shear stresses across the thickness of plate and thus obviates the need of shear correction factor. The main novelty of the present study is the inclusion of thickness stretching effect in the theory. Another novelty is the application of nonlinear thermal profile consistent with the displacement field of the theory. The principle of virtual work is used to obtain the governing equations and boundary conditions. Simply supported laminated square plates are considered for numerical study to evaluate thermoelastic response. The results obtained by present theory with thickness stretching effect are compared with other refined theories disregarding this effect. It is observed that the results of present theory deviate significantly from the results of other higher order shear deformation theories for antisymmetric crossply laminated plates. The results of symmetric cross-ply laminated plates subjected to linear sinusoidal thermal load are in close agreement with those of exact theory, which validates the accuracy of present shear and normal deformation theory.
Key Words
    orthotropic plates; principle of virtual work; shear correction factor; thermoelastic analysis
Sandhya K. Swami: Department of Civil Engineering, Marathwada Institute of Technology,Aurangabad - 431005, Maharashtra, India

Yuwaraj M. Ghugal: Department of Applied Mechanics, Government College of Engineering, Karad-415124, Maharashtra, India

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