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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 8, Number 3, May 2021 , pages 199-211

Perspectives of hydrogen aviation
Alberto Boretti

    The perspective of hydrogen (H₂ ) aviation is discussed. While production of carbon dioxide (CO₂ ) free renewable H₂ is progressing towards costs comparable to those of today's steam reforming of methane, at about 1-1.5 $ per kg H₂ , the development of specific aviation infrastructure, as well as aircraft, is still in its infancy. Over the 21 years of this century, the most important manufacturers have only proposed preliminary studies, artist impressions more than detailed engineering studies. The major technical challenge is the fueling and safe and efficient storage of the H₂ , requiring a complete redesign of infrastructure and aircraft. From a political perspective, negative is the speculation on the global warming potential of contrails, and the covid19 pandemic which has largely disrupted the aviation sector, with the future of mass transport at risk of drastic downsizing. Especially the "great reset" agenda, limiting mass transport also for other goals than the simple control of viral spreading during the pandemic, may harm the deployment of H₂ aviation, as elite aviation does not motivate huge investments in the use of a non-exhaustible fuel such as renewable H₂ , leaving favored alternatives such as hydrocarbon jet fuels, and in the longer term electric aviation.
Key Words
    aviation; CcH₂; CO₂ emission; H₂O emission hydrogen; LH₂
Alberto Boretti: Deanship of Research, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University P.O. Box 1664.,Al Khobar 31952. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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