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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 7, Number 5, September 2020 , pages 405-423

Aircraft wings dynamics suppression by optimal NESs designed through an Efficient stochastic linearisation approach
Giacomo Navarra, Francesco Lo Iacono, Maria Oliva and Antonio Esposito

    Non-linear energy sink (NES) is an emerging passive absorber able to mitigate the dynamic response of structures without any external energy supply, resonating with all the modes of the primary structure to control. However, its inherent non-linearities hinder its large-scale use and leads to complicated design procedures. For this purpose, an approximate design approach is herein proposed in a stochastic framework. Since loads are random in nature, the stochastic analysis of non-linear systems may be performed by means of computational intensive techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations (MCS). Alternatively, the Stochastic Linearisation (SL) technique has proven to be an e ective tool to investigate the performance of different passive control systems under random loads. Since controlled systems are generally non-classically damped and most of SL algorithms operate recursively,the computational burden required is still large for those problems that make intensive use of SL technique, as optimal design procedures. Herein, a procedure to speed up the Stochastic Linearisation technique is proposed by avoiding or strongly reducing numerical evaluations of response statistics. The ability of the proposed procedure to effectively reduce the computational effort and to reliably design the NES is showed through an applicationon a well-known case study related to the vibrations mitigation of an aircraft wing.
Key Words
    Non-linear Energy Sink; stochastic linearisation; spectral moments
Giacomo Navarra, Francesco Lo Iacono, Maria Oliva and Antonio Esposito: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Kore University of Enna, Cittadella Universitaria, Enna, Italy

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