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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 6, Number 6, November 2019 , pages 515-528

Wavenumber analyses of panel vibrations induced by transonic wall-bounded jet flow from an upstream high aspect ratio rectangular nozzle
Stephen A. Hambric, Matthew D. Shaw and Robert L. Campbell

    The structural vibrations of a flat plate induced by fluctuating wall pressures within wall-bounded transonic jet flow downstream of a high-aspect ratio rectangular nozzle are simulated. The wall pressures are calculated using Hybrid RANS/LES CFD, where LES models the large-scale turbulence in the shear layers downstream of the nozzle. The structural vibrations are computed using modes from a finite element model and a time-domain forced response calculation methodology. At low flow speeds, the convecting turbulence in the shear layers loads the plate in a manner similar to that of turbulent boundary layer flow. However, at high nozzle pressure ratio discharge conditions the flow over the panel becomes transonic, and the shear layer turbulence scatters from shock cells just downstream of the nozzle, generating backward traveling low frequency surface pressure loads that also drive the plate. The structural mode shapes and subsonic and transonic surface pressure fields are transformed to wavenumber space to better understand the nature of the loading distributions and individual modal responses. Modes with wavenumber distributions which align well with those of the pressure field respond strongly. Negative wavenumber loading components are clearly visible in the transforms of the supersonic flow wall pressures near the nozzle, indicating backward propagating pressure fields. In those cases the modal joint acceptances include significant contributions from negative wavenumber terms.
Key Words
    wavenumber analysis; transonic jet; wall pressure fluctuations; structural vibration; nozzle
Stephen A. Hambric, Matthew D. Shaw and Robert L. Campbell: Applied Research Lab, Penn State University, PO Box 30, State College, PA 16804, U.S.A.

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