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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 6, Number 4, July 2019 , pages 297-314

Investigating dynamic stability of metal foam nanoplates under periodic in-plane loads via a three-unknown plate theory
Raad M. Fenjan, Ridha A. Ahmed and Nadhim M. Faleh

    Dynamic stability of a porous metal foam nano-dimension plate on elastic substrate exposed to bi-axial time-dependent forces has been studied via a novel 3-variable plate theory. Various pore contents based on uniform and non-uniform models have been introduced. The presented plate model contains smaller number of field variables with shear deformation verification. Hamilton\'s principle will be utilized to deduce the governing equations. Next, the equations have been defined in the context of Mathieu–Hill equation. Correctness of presented methodology has been verified by comparison of derived results with previous data. Impacts of static and dynamical force coefficients, non-local coefficient, foundation coefficients, pore distributions and boundary edges on stability regions of metal foam nanoscale plates will be studied.
Key Words
    dynamic stability; 3-unkonwn plate theory; porous nanoplate; non-local elasticity; porosities
Raad M. Fenjan, Ridha A. Ahmed and Nadhim M. Faleh: Al-Mustansiriah University, Engineering Collage P.O. Box 46049, Bab-Muadum, Baghdad 10001, Iraq

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