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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 6, Number 4, July 2019 , pages 283-296

Trailing edge geometry effect on the aerodynamics of low-speed BWB aerial vehicles
Mohammed A. Ba Zuhair

    The influence of different planform parameters on the aerodynamic performance of large-scale subsonic and transonic Blended Wing Body (BWB) aircraft have gained comprehensive research in the recent years, however, it is not the case for small-size low subsonic speed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The present work numerically investigates aerodynamics governing four different trailing edge geometries characterizing BWB configurations in standard flight conditions at angles of attack from -4o to 22o to provide generic information that can be essential for making well-informed decisions during BWB UAV conceptual design phase. Simulation results are discussed and comparatively analyzed with useful implications for formulation of proper mission profile specific to every BWB configuration.
Key Words
    flying wing; BWB; BWB aerodynamic design; low-speed aerodynamics; wing planform
Mohammed A. Ba Zuhair: Department of Aerohydrodynamics, Kazan National Research Technical University - KAI, Kazan,
Karl Marx 10, Russian Federation

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