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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 6, Number 1, January 2019 , pages 031-49

Improving aeroelastic characteristics of helicopter rotor blades in forward flight
Hossam T. Badran, Mohammad Tawfik and Hani M. Negm

    Flutter is a dangerous phenomenon encountered in flexible structures subjected to aerodynamic forces. This includes aircraft, helicopter blades, engine rotors, buildings and bridges. Flutter occurs as a result of interactions between aerodynamic, stiffness and inertia forces on a structure. The conventional method for designing a rotor blade to be free from flutter instability throughout the helicopter\'s flight regime is to design the blade so that the aerodynamic center (AC), elastic axis (EA) and center of gravity (CG) are coincident and located at the quarter-chord. While this assures freedom from flutter, it adds constraints on rotor blade design which are not usually followed in fixed wing design. Periodic Structures have been in the focus of research for their useful characteristics and ability to attenuate vibration in frequency bands called \"stop-bands\". A periodic structure consists of cells which differ in material or geometry. As vibration waves travel along the structure and face the cell boundaries, some waves pass and some are reflected back, which may cause destructive interference with the succeeding waves. In this work, we analyze the flutter characteristics of a helicopter blades with a periodic change in their sandwich material using a finite element structural model. Results shows great improvements in the flutter forward speed of the rotating blade obtained by using periodic design and increasing the number of periodic cells.
Key Words
    finite element; vibration; periodic structure; rotor; helicopter; aeroelastic; flutter
Hossam T. Badran and Hani M. Negm: Aerospace Engineering Department, Cairo University, Giza 12511, Egypt
Mohammad Tawfik: Academy of Knowledge, Cairo 11765, Egypt

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