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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 5, Number 2, March 2018 , pages 259-275

Static and dynamic load superposition in spacecraft structural analysis
Xavier Vaquer-Araujo, Florian Schöttle, Andreas Kommer and Werner Konrad

    In mechanical analysis of spacecraft structures situations appear where static and dynamic loads must be considered simultaneously. This could be necessary either by load definition or preloaded structures. The superposition of these environments has an impact on the load and stress distribution of the analysed structures. However, this superposition cannot be done by adding both load contributions directly. As an example, to compute equivalent Von Mises stresses, the phase information must be taken into account in the stress tensor superposition. Finite Element based frequency response solvers do not allow the calculation of superposed static and dynamic responses. A manual combination of loads in a post-processing task is required. In this paper, procedures for static and harmonic loads superposition are presented and supported by analytical and finite element-based examples. The aim of the paper is to provide evidence of the risks of using different superposition techniques. Real application examples such as preloaded mechanism structures and propulsion system tubing assemblies are provided. This study has been performed by the Structural Engineering department of Airbus Defence and Space GmbH Friedrichshafen.
Key Words
    load superposition; structural dynamics; phase; static preload; spacecraft
Xavier Vaquer-Araujo, Florian Schöttle, Andreas Kommer and Werner Konrad: Airbus DS GmbH Friedrichshafen, Claude-Dornier-Strabe, 88039 Friedrichshafen, Germany

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