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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 4, Number 5, September 2017, pages 585-611

Stochastic thermo-mechanically induced post buckling response of elastically supported nanotube-reinforced composite beam
Virendra Kumar Chaudhari, Niranjan L. Shegokar and Achchhe Lal

    This article covenants with the post buckling witticism of carbon nanotube reinforced composite (CNTRC) beam supported with an elastic foundation in thermal atmospheres with arbitrary assumed random system properties. The arbitrary assumed random system properties are be modeled as uncorrelated Gaussian random input variables. Unvaryingly distributed (UD) and functionally graded (FG) distributions of the carbon nanotube are deliberated. The material belongings of CNTRC beam are presumed to be graded in the beam depth way and appraised through a micromechanical exemplary. The basic equations of a CNTRC beam are imitative constructed on a higher order shear deformation beam (HSDT) theory with von-Karman type nonlinearity. The beam is supported by two parameters Pasternak elastic foundation with Winkler cubic nonlinearity. The thermal dominance is involved in the material properties of CNTRC beam is foreseen to be temperature dependent (TD). The first and second order perturbation method (SOPT) and Monte Carlo sampling (MCS) by way of CO nonlinear finite element method (FEM) through direct iterative way are offered to observe the mean, coefficient of variation (COV) and probability distribution function (PDF) of critical post buckling load. Archetypal outcomes are presented for the volume fraction of CNTRC, slenderness ratios, boundary conditions, underpinning parameters, amplitude ratios, temperature reliant and sovereign random material properties with arbitrary system properties. The present defined tactic is corroborated with the results available in the literature and by employing MCS.
Key Words
    CNTRC beam; post buckling load; second order perturbation technique; Monte Carlo simulation; elastic foundation; arbitrary system properties
Virendra Kumar Chaudhari: D C National polytechnic, Siddhartha Nagar, U.P 272153, India
Niranjan L. Shegokar: D Y Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pune, India
Achchhe Lal: S.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat-395007, India

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